views on phone mining apps like pi ,bee, alpha


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Jul 21, 2022
i really wanted to know the views of crypto community about the apps going on like pi network , bee network, alpha mining, where you download there apps and click a button you will get there coins , everyone around me is crazy about them but i dont find it intersting as none as hit the exchanges yet but i really want to know views about the community and people who have much more knowledge about the space than me


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Jul 15, 2022
I am not really an expert in such apps, but I can tell you that unless you have a decent phone, the most likely case is that your phone won't stop lagging. Even if you have a good one, you should take care of the battery, because it usually overheats ans that causes lots of problems over time. That said, it would be interesting to see a closer approach on those apps. If you try any of these you mentioned above, please, share here your experience. ;)


Jul 16, 2022
Mining in pi network is not based on real PoW compute there is not used just numbers are spining based on time to make your balance on what it need to be in 24 hours. Real PoW need to use your CPU or GPU power you need to work for reward. In my opinion all those coins ( mobile coins) are some kind of tests how it can work. Last days there was SIRI coin that want to make it happend to mine with phones and low end hardware but after start there GPU miner comes and break all chain actually they try to fix it and make it work.


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Sep 20, 2022
I was on pi for a long time and it always seemed like they were always lagging monetizing the crypto itself. I honestly started to suspect that it was just a surveillance app for your phone so that they could sell information. I decided to delete it. I honestly regret ever participating in it. Maybe they have changed but I stopped looking at it anymore.