Shared PoS & MN


New member
Jul 12, 2022

1. What is "Shared PoS & MN" server? This server is designed to create masternodes and wallets for staking, to participate in the general share.

2. Why choose us? All participants receive their % of profit, depending on the number of coins invested. All coins participate in generating income. You do not need to wait for the masternode to fill up to receive the reward. The staking reward is also included in the total income. Our service takes any coins that the community requires. There is no need for partnerships.

3. What is our commission? Our commission is
1% from EACH withdrawal
including all funds
But regardless of the price of the coin. (изменено)

4. How is the payment made? Payment is made upon request.

5. Is there a minimum deposit? Yes, the minimum deposit is indicated in the channel of each coin. All deposits below the minimum will be sent back.

6. Working time: 15-21 (UTC)

Our advantages

- fixed commission always;
- quick addition of any coin;
- higher profitability due to the use of a hybrid system PoS+MN;
- deposit and withdrawal without restrictions (excluding the minimum deposit);
- you start making profit immediately. (изменено)