Market Cycles and News


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Aug 25, 2022
It seems we have reached the panic phase. Several YouTubers, twitterers from the crypto and traditional market are making alarmist content, afraid of the worst is happening... and they are all right, we are in an environment where there is no company large and liquid enough that can withstand the lack of money and rising unemployment in the markets in the coming months.

We are officially in the panic phase. The subsequent phases will be anger and depression. That is, 2023 will probably see long periods of laterality, increasing capitulation, and a Doji or undecided year reaching the maximum contraction point in the middle or at the end of 2023. So, be aware that the crowd is going to strike terror now against Binance, exchanges and crypto services in general. It's part of the phase we're going through.


- Opera Crypto Browser, a browser focused on crypto operations, launched Web3 Guard, making the experience of using DApps much more secure. One of the tools is the DApp Check, which will check for security risks in DApps, as well as check for suspicious codes. As for the Seed Phrase Phishing Check, it will help users not to fall into phishing attacks, which is currently one of the scams that most affect users, especially beginners.

- Unbelievably, Donald Trump, who trashes crypto "even in his sleep", announced a collection of NFTs. Each one will give chances at drawings, which will include prizes like dinner or even playing golf with him. There will also be the opportunity to hold a meeting in person or via Zoom, and they would even have autograph packages. “Only $99! They are great Christmas gifts”, he said on his Twitter...

- The company Mazars, which performed the Proof-of-Reserve audit of Binance, and KuCoin, reported that it will cease its operations in crypto, at least temporarily. There is no official announcement as to the reason as of yet.