Event 26/9 - 9/10


Jun 17, 2022
Thank you all for participating in our weekly event. This is the question we ask you this week:

How do you feel, and how do you face a bear market? Do you think there are coins that can avoid the bear market? If so, why?

The top 3 users will be chosen based on the posts with the most reactions and by the criteria of the Modden team:
  • Top 1: 300 MDDN
  • Top 2: 200 MDDN
  • Top 3: 100 MDDN
The top 3 will be contacted through an announcement on our discord channel.

Remember that the event ends on Sunday 25th at 22 pm UTC

Thank you very much for participating!
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Jul 12, 2022
For me, solana, matic and poly will be the best coins in a mid term. The level of work that you can do in this chains is amazing....about trans/second. For me are amazing. Everyone should have some in our portfolio ...


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Jul 21, 2022
i dont fear bear market because bull market makes you quick money but bear market makes you rich , so when in bear market i only sell , if i really have to otherwise just buy and compound, personally in bear market no coin can avoid it, but some can just control the damage better than rest ,that are matic and eth for me


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Jul 12, 2022
...fear, anxiety, doubt, panic 😩

That is the reality of any Investment on any market with High Volatility (Cryptocurrencies) All these are just feelings and sensations that will lead you to failure.

How to deal with this situation? -------> DIVERSIFICATION <-------

You always have to have alternatives to your investments, such as long-term Staking (APY), investments in parallel projects like (Wallacoin) haha :D and especially the refuge cryptocurrency or the so-called Digital Gold "BITCOIN"

Bear vs Bull.jpg


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Aug 12, 2022
Both markets have his pro's and con's.
Liquidating and shallow investments in a bullmarket.

Bearmarket, reinvesting in depth. 🤙


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Aug 3, 2022
I entered the crypto world just before the bear market at Q4 2021. Bought some coins for mid term ( ADA, COTI, WMT ). After a while - my friend who is staking for decenomy since 3 years - adviced me to invest in smaller coins and run a computer for staking. I put my saving into smaller coins and began staking. Since that time the prices are falling and falling even more downer :-(
Instead of selling my coins with a huge loss, I decided to go forward with a hope for a better future and bought from my monthly savings another coins also.
And what happened then? The war began in Ukraine and the prices went even worst :-(
I was by the beginning of the summer 80% down, with the big question in my head - what shuold I do now....
I still want to fall forward and wont sell any coins in a bear market. There is too much hard work behind the money I invensten in. I still put my monthly small savings into new projects like Lilli, Edel, and then Modden. The next step will be the Wallacoin.
I'm facing the bear market with staking and collecting even more coins and I stopped worry about the prices. At some point the markets will change and I will have a lot of coins in my wallets. I hope the uptrend comes even sooner then later ;-)
Guys, do not be weak hands. If you are down 90% by the charts, you still got your investment and haven't lost you money. You will only lose your money if you do not have patiance and sell off on these prices.
Stake - Hold - Wait and only fall forward!!! Time will pay you out!!

What coins will survive the bear market?
Where the less weak hands are. The community has to stay together and keep on holding the coins till the market will recover.
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