Crypto wallet


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Jun 18, 2022

We can understand a wallet as the object where we can store our money, because that is part of the topic of cryptocurrencies, but we would have to add some terms such as public key and private key, we must also be clear that we do not have the coins in the wallet really, but it helps us to somehow locate our coins in the blockchain, it could be said that it is like a map of our cryptocurrencies.​

It should also be included in this that cryptocurrency wallet is used to send and receive coins, using the public key, it would be the public address where people can send coins and with the private key we do ensure that no one does not impersonate in the network of the blockchain.​

There are different types of wallet, those that are connected to the network and those that are not, if your wallet is connected to the network I recommend that you have it encrypted to avoid a possible loss of coins​

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