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Jul 16, 2022
Hey, world!

Web site: https://3dpass.org/
White Paper: https://3dpass.org/3DPass_white_paper.pdf

"I was trying to find a way to create recoverable passwords out of real objects being used as a seed data. But when managed, I realized that I found something more powerful - the method of tokenization of real and virtual things, which opens the the door for cryptocurrency market to trillions deals all over the world." PaulS

Using real world things in digital all over the Internet!

Since blockchain first got started years ago, hundreds of coins appeared on the market providing issuing tokens and smart contracts in hope of spread wide implementation. However, 99% tokens issued by now are backed by digital assets which don’t have anything to do with real goods and services (usually, they are fiat currencies, shares, offerings, etc). So, here is an application problem, isn’t it? Because in real world the main bunch of transactions are related to physical objects or services that refer to them. As we’re going deeper, it becomes obvious that digital transformation of real objects is a key to get access to trillions p2p deals making all over the world. Seems like all we need to do is to transform real objects into digital assets so that anyone and anytime might’ve got the evidence of the object’s authenticity. In virtual space (gaming, metaverse, etc.) It'll work either with the only difference of seed data extraction method.

From the first sight, the issue looks too tough but there are a lot of examples moving forward rapidly. First of all is a face recognition technology and tons of ML projects, NFT, Metaverse, etc. Why are they concentrating that much on the shape recognition? It’s pretty clear that shape is the crucial property of any 3D object. If you had the shape identified you could’ve added the rest few properties like weight, clarity, density, owner’s biometric data, etc. and reliably identify the entire object by several signs.

Then let’s just imagine if we could’ve reduced all types of objects to one most common type which is solid objects that have stable shape. This way we might’ve simplified our transformation issue and solve it for so many different things we make deals with, such as: precious stones, vehicles, appliances, real estate, art objects, jewelry, etc. As a bonus, we’ll definitely get the method of generating and recovery of passwords based on the real objects. This issue seems like solvable. And we ask for developers, investors, evangelists keen on solving the global digital transformation issue to join us and, finally, to turn the blockchain world into “real”.

The Ledger of unique things:

3DPass is an OpenSource decentralized p2p network representing one layer blockchain, the Nodes of which will stand guard preventing assets, stored on the chain, from copy making. Even if you change the file with one dot, pixel or one byte. We call it The "Ledger of unique things".

Since the early days of 2019, we have put our mind on solving the Real world objects digital transformation challenge.
The very first 3D object shape recognition algorithm Grid2d was suggested by Michael Co in 2020 and has been implemented now as the basement of 3DPass network consensus called Proof of Scan. The main idea of 3DPass is to make it possible for people to use real world objects in digital within smart-contracts and deals and to take all the advantages from that. By means of creation and implementation new recognition and digital transformation algorithms into our network, we are building this bridge between decentralized blockchain digital space and trillions deals making in real all over the world.

Every object, transformed by 3DPass, has its own unique and stable identity called HASH ID the object might be recognized by. Learn more about our features https://3dpass.org/features.html. In order to encourage users to maintain the network and to solve issues there is a cryptocurrency 3DP Coin which is also required for transactions related to users' assets.

HASH ID vs conventional NFT
Traditional smart-contracts are hanging up in the air not being tethered to anything.
Learn more about the difference between 3DPass stable identity, called HASH ID, and conventional NFT:

Recognition algorithms to be implemented
Types of things to recognize: 3D objects, 2D objects (drawings), 2D fingerprints, face recognition, voice, melody, radio signal, everything recognizable by means of machine processing. Feel free to contribute.

Contribution rewards program

PaulS - inventor and founder (16+ years experience, several start-ups run, successful exits)
Michael Co - Core developer, C++, Rust, co-founder (10+ years experience)
tvc.Micle - front end developer, co-founder (10+ years experience)

How to join the: Testnet: https://3dpass.org/testnet.html
Testnet stats: https://telemetry.polkadot.io/#list...7cef78fd171f1a9386d2cd8f465312877a7cbe5e301e5
Testnet web browser wallet: https://polkadot.js.org/apps/?rpc=w...vNLi5JT0aTCUzPTM0qAgqXGRkq1AEo/JWY=#/explorer
Official web3 wallet beta: https://wallet.3dpass.org/
Proof of Scan consensus: https://3dpass.org/proof_of_scan.html
GitHub: https://github.com/3Dpass
CPU Miner (3D object generator): https://github.com/3Dpass/miner
3DPass NODE: https://github.com/3Dpass/3DP
pass3d cli (3D object recognition tool for Linux): https://github.com/3Dpass/pass3d/releases
3D object recognition tool for Android: https://github.com/3Dpass/threedpass
Grid2d recognition algorithm description: https://3dpass.org/grid2d.html
Integration: https://3dpass.org/features.html#integration

Road Map:

Q1 - Testnet launch (done), membership launch (done), source code publish (done)
Q2 - Official launch mainnet (postponed to July)
Q3 - Multi-object options release, Bittrex listing
Q4 - Light wallets and mobile release 2.0, Marketplace of assets


Q1 - Backed currencies issuing feature release
Q2 - Encrypted vault feature release
Q3 - 3DPass Foundation launch
Q4 - Binance listing

3DP Coin

Coin name: 3DPass coin
Unit name: 3DP
Total supply: 1 000 000 000 3DP
Mining: Mineable (Proof of Scan consensus based on 3D object shape recognition algorithm Grid2d)
Speed: 60 sec/block target time
Smart contracts: Yes
API: Yes
Assets storage: IPFS
Decentralization: Decentralized
Distribution: Private sale: 6%; Mining: 72.9%; Marketing: 11%; Team: 10.1% of total supply

Community resources

Discord chat: https://discord.com/invite/u24WkXcwug
Telegram channel: https://t.me/threedpass_updates
Telegram chat: https://t.me/pass3d
Twitter: https://twitter.com/3dpass1
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYkrRxTgAQYwzFqRuQPOZ4w
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/3DPass_live
Medium: https://3dpass.medium.com/
Instagram: https://instagram.com/3dpass_org

E-mail: partnership@3dpass.org

Disclaimer : I'm not an owner of project, just expanding project :)
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