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Banner - Buy Ad Views
Create your own banner so that other users can see your project and access your social networks.

Banner URL (Formats: GIF, PNG, JPG, JPEG):

Example: https://imgur. com/XXXX

Banner ad hover text:

Users will see this text when they hover over the banner.


Main page:

300x600 (left/right side)

900x150 (central)

Throughout the forum:

300x600 (left/right side)

900x150 (central)


Choose one of our options (Only MDDN coin is accepted):
  • Monthly: 5,000 MDDN
  • Quarterly: 12,000 MDDN
  • Annual: 40,000 MDDN
**IMPORTANT: With the quarterly and annual option, you can change your banner every 45 days. FOR FREE!

The Modden team reserves the right to decline a request.
Before accepting any request for promotion, the team will carry out a preliminary analysis of the project.

At the time of requesting this service, the project must present the following information:

- Github.
- Explorer.
- Website.
- Twitter.
- Discord.
- Whitepaper (roadmap and reward table included).

Any project that cannot contribute any of the points mentioned above is excluded from the application review process.

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